Patient Journey Work

Many of our clients reported issue with traditional journey mapping. In previous engagements, tons of qualitative research begat one poster showing a patient’s journey. This was great for an initial reveal – but quickly lost luster as time passed on. Our clients were looking to us to help them strategize activation methods that would keep the patient journey living way beyond an initial debut. 


We created a site that served as a single reference point for a Sleep Apnea Mask study. The web medium allowed for our client’s audience base (3,000 researchers, engineers and product planners) to watch video, see pictures and learn more about patients using their devices. 



For another client, a significant challenge was getting multiple groups to review the patient journey and to determine ways to continuously activate together. Using a journey map illustration as the ‘game board’ and a card deck of ‘insight prompts’ allows the teams to spontaneously interact each other and to continuously generate new ideas for the business.