At the end of the last post, I indicated that this one would focus on pressure testing a new concept with others. Mea culpa. We’re not there yet. I’m new to blogging – and, I feel as I’d imagine any Food Network chef feels when taping his/her first show. It’s awkward talking while doing. And, it’s awkward blogging while building. I aspire to be as good as this duo is. One day.

Last we left off, I had a problem statement, but not a concept. For rapid ideation, I turn to gamestorming.  

As a facilitator, I’ve long believed in the power of affinity mapping to coalesce large sets of qualitative and quantitative information. I’ve used it to great success in the context of team builds and design workshops. My favorite way to use it is in the context of ideation. 

Basic affinity mapping premise: a team (or individual) brainstorms, writes ideas on post-it notes, and then pares down until groupings of ideas reveal themes.   

To take this a step further, I like to combine multiple prompts - thus revealing more about what 'could be.' I picked up my favorite combo of prompts via an "Innovation Games" workshop at General Assembly (c/o instructor @BenSykes). 

•    What must this product do?
•    What must this product absolutely, positively not do?
•    If users had been using this product continuously for 10 years, what will it have done for them?

The combination of answers to these three prompts gets you from [blank page] to concept quite quickly. 

Next, I'll tell you what gamestorming revealed. And, where we go from here.