Getting started

Working as a designer in a consulting firm is great. It's grueling, enlightening - it's the 'wild, wild west' of design imho. The sky's the limit in terms of the type of design projects we might pitch to clients at any given time - interactive? sure. 3D print? absolutely. infographic? you got it. The list goes on. 

In my 4+ years I've worked on projects with clients that I'm tremendously proud of. And, I'd love to share them with you. But I can't. Because the data is theirs - and the 'special sauce' that got them the data is ours. 

So, in the interest of having an open dialogue about the design process given these constraints, I'm picking up a side project and planning to build something new [in my infinite spare time as a new mom]. It's my hope that writing about the process will provide opportunities to discuss each stage of the design process - and, perhaps, uncover new opportunities for designing better. 

The project for now is named Project EnRG (a little nod to my new son). Check this space for updates and to watch something get made. 

Next up: When the possibilities are endless, limit the possibilities. Picking something to design for.