Alana is equal parts design leader, strategist, and researcher. Currently, she’s a design manager working with design leaders to build out a Data Experience Design (DXD) practice (data visualization & physical experience design) at Capital One.  The DXD team is closely partnered with the engineers and business managers who are working on the most challenging of problems in AI (from chat bots to deep learning). As a DM Alana ensures visibility of design efficacy to senior leadership through a variety of reporting efforts, communicates priorities and status, forecasts staffing, and manages budget health. Day to day she’s navigating roadblocks, aligning work streams, and, generally, getting sh*it done to ensure designers’ work is effective and impactful. As a practitioner, she's focused on fairness and explainability in AI; and, exploring the application of Afrocentrism, Hip Hop, and Afrofuturism to solving the challenges of her work (and the world). 

She was recently featured as one of InVision's "6 of the Most Influential Women in UX Today" here and she was profiled here.

Prior to joining Capital One, she was a Director of Design Strategy in the Data Visualization group of global market research firm GfK. She was responsible for crafting and executing communication strategies that enabled clients to act upon data-driven insights. She managed a team of information and visual designers across a suite of deliverables that have included a parallax microsite conveying the sleep apnea patient's journey, a portal that manages real-time guest experience survey data from 100s of restaurant locations and static reporting deliverables such as KPI scorecards, infographics and reporting decks. She served as lead designer on two of GfK’s new to market global Brand and Ad tracker products.

An innate curiosity drives Alana to both help others solve the unsolvable and to create solutions for people that genuinely impact their daily lives.

She currently lives in San Francisco with her husband and two small, but very loud, children. While she loves the work that she does, she loves traveling the world with an equal voracity. She also has an unseemly addiction to the Real Housewives reality-TV franchise. And, despite the verbosity exercised in this bio and use of words like “verbosity” – don’t call her if you’re in a crossword bind. She loses at Scrabble. Every. Time.

Want to know more? Here's her resume, a sample of her work, or you can email her at alanajwashington [at] gmail [dot] com